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Affiliated Groups

We are a proud member of the following organizations:
Art Glass Association
The Art Glass Association is the largest association in the world that is dedicated to the business of art glass and related supplies. Founded in 1986, AGA is an international non-profit organization whose purpose is to create awareness, knowledge and involvement for the growth and prosperity of the art glass industry.
Stained Glass Association of America
The Stained Glass Association of America is a 100-year-old trade organization whose purpose is to function as a publicly recognized organization of distinction and to conduct its affairs in a manner that will reflect credit upon its image and craft…
American Glass Guild
The American Glass Guild is an organization dedicated to the open and widespread dissemination of correct information and intelligent, informed opinions about stained, leaded and decorative glass. We are an inclusive organization and we actively seek the participation of all people with an interest in these diverse arts.
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
The Halifax Chamber of Commerce is a best-practice, business advocacy organization that continuously strives to make Halifax an even more attractive city in which to live, work and play. Together the almost 2,000 member businesses and their over 93,000 employees, act as a single powerful voice through the Chamber to promote local business interests.
Retail Council of Canada
Founded in 1963, Retail Council of Canada is the Voice of Retail. RCC is a not-for-profit association representing more than 40,000 stores of all retail formats, including independent merchants, regional and national mass and specialty chains, and online merchants.
Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council
The NSDCC represents over three hundred individual artisans and craft enthusiasts through markets, exhibitions and other activities, the NSDCC promotes the work of its members locally, nationally and internationally.